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Jun 21 2013

Some Final Bonding Time

Day 179: Pretty much every day at my school that is not sitting and learning in regularly scheduled classes has a feeling of chaos to it. Like the time we got lost hiking. Or the time we got to the art museum an hour early. Or that time every Thursday last period when no one knew if it was homeroom time or not.

My homeroom partner valiantly tried to plan a structured Field Day. She really did. But in the absence of full attention to the logistics from staff, enough volunteers, and un-whiny kids, those well-laid plans devolved a bit.

Half of my kids refused to play kickball. A few others challenged another class to capture the flag, but not everyone got the memo, leading to a 5-on-20 massacre (of us). Poor JP valiantly tried to defend our flag, and ultimately did so with a little too much zeal, body checking some students out of the goal area and chucking it (it was a football) 20 feet out of the field of play. I know I should have been mad, but the whole thing was pretty damn funny.

Anyhow, come 1:30, we were meant to go back to homerooms. Given how riled up my kids were from being outside for hours, I knew that wasn’t going to end well. Hey guys, let’s calmly sit and watch Rio! My homeroom can’t handle that when NOT riled up on Field Day.

So, I called an audible, and we went to another park, on the other side of the school. With sprinklers. With the help of two of my kids who had been there, I managed to convince the others that there was actually an elevator at the park, but it required everyone standing on a sensor for it to work. When everyone was on the sensor, of course, I pressed the button to turn on the sprinklers.

Seeing my kids running through sprinklers and pushing each other on a tire swing, I was reminded that despite any hormonal angst they’ve displayed over the course of the year, my kids are, in fact, kids. They play, they goof off, and I’m pretty sure one was pretending to be an extra in a One Direction music video as she danced in a sprinkler. While the day might have felt a little discombobulated, I appreciate that I had so much time to just hang out with my kids. In about 24 hours, that opportunity is gone for good.

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