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Jun 18 2013

Meh, They’re Kids

Day 176: My last Monday at my school is over. It felt, unsurprisingly, like pretty much any other Monday. Kids riled up in the morning, having completely forgotten how to be focused during Morning Meeting. The joys of recess and lunch duty. The inability of my homeroom to get into class in an orderly fashion, followed by us eventually pulling it together and getting some work done.

About six minutes into sixth period, I heard a student quickly shout, “Ow!” and grab his cheek. The girl behind him, the infamous AM, was giggling. I waited for the next possible break to investigate, and discovered that AM had in fact shot AB in the face with a rubber band. She hadn’t meant to shoot him in the face, per se, but she’d absolutely meant to shoot him.

I took a step forward and nearly opened my mouth to send her out, ream her out … something. And then, I didn’t. In that moment, I decided that nothing I did would be at all productive. They were both fooling around, so it’s not like AB would feel slighted if I didn’t come to his rescue. And given that AM was already apologizing, I was fairly confident me getting high and mighty wouldn’t make her any more contrite than she already was.

Rationalizing inaction? You betcha. Letting something slide with five days left to go that I wouldn’t have tolerated a month ago? Absolutely. Sitting here kicking myself for letting a student get hit in the face with a rubber band? No chance. These are kids, folks. They’ll be fine.

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