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Jun 15 2013

One Last Marathon Thursday

Day 174: When we last left our brave hero, he was up too late on Wednesday writing a Science final. We find him now, Thursday morning, desperately trying to finish said final, and then print it before first period. Never a dull moment.

As usual, Thursday was a long day. Given the last-minute nature of the final-writing experience, I found about 10 typos, which I had to then fix while the first classes took the test.

Third period, I reduced AC to tears because – gasp – I actually called her out on her empowered, but-I-need-it-now-ness. She tried to leave to go to the bathroom without permission, and when I told her to wait until after the directions, called out at me in the middle of said directions, “Can I go now?” I’d said no interrupting nor speaking once finals were on desks, so I had her stand in the hall for a conversation. She refused to admit she should have waited and raised her hand, with lots of sniffles and crossed arms, so the conversation lasted well into recess. On the plus side, I’ve discovered yet again I’m OK being the bad guy.

Sixth and seventh periods were about surviving two final games of Trashketball, which I’m about 80 percent sure I never want to deal with again. And eighth period was the unfettered joy of managing students watching the school play. When I told JP he could sit with his friends if he committed to not talking, he responded, “We’re going to have fun.” Five seconds later, he was sitting alone, behind me. Again, OK being the bad guy.

My day ends around 10 pm, perched over a laptop, eyes clearly not up to the task of staying awake. For once, I call it a night early. Only a day later do I realize that will be my last-ever Thursday marathon. I won’t miss them.

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