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Jun 15 2013

Limping, But Still Standing

Day 173: So, as it turns out, students near the end of the year struggle to handle Trashketball. I suppose I should’ve guessed that one. My homeroom got through a whopping six rounds; 10-12 is typical. Oops.

I have a very bad TFA admission to make. Wednesday night, once I was finally done with grad school, I was up late writing my final. Yes, that’s right, I did not backwards plan from a final exam this year. In my defense, I did use a large chunk of last year’s final. And what I did change, I generally made harder. Muah ha ha.

The common theme here is that it’s the home stretch. I’m not phoning it in. I could have just used last year’s final. But what’s going on doesn’t exactly feel like a well-oiled machine. T-minus 7 days …

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