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Jun 13 2013

Might Be Going Senile

Day 172: This is the first time I’m two days late to write about Tuesday. My brain is oatmeal. If I were a runner, this would be the point where you’re nearly at the end of a marathon, muscles desperately craving oxygen.

I do remember one happy moment. NM was in my room for lunch, as usual, and telling me how her class was a hot mess all day. Then they showed up for 8th period … And they were completely fine. Granted, it took an initial blitz of sub-par citizenship grades and hard-line warnings to set the tone, but hey, the ends justify the means.

With a few minutes left of class, I sidled over to NM and said, “So, I thought you said your class was having a bad day?” NM: “Well … we were.” Me, smiling: “Not anymore.”

Again, brain = oatmeal. So I’ll take it as a very good sign that the only thing I can remember is positive.

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