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Jun 09 2013

Still Winning

Day 169: The long, tiring days typically are not “wins.” And yet, today, 12 days from the finish line, the wins kept coming.

First and second period’s double block was listless to say the least, as is typical for that class. However, a late bit of pumping the kids up about how fast we’d been able to move, and how quickly we’d caught the other classes despite fewer periods to cover the material, and they were clearly pleased with themselves. After weeks of half-hearted “Work Hard, Get Smart” chants, they finally rocked out.

Third and fourth period found my homeroom getting into the global warming lesson. Folks shared interesting connections, and (generally) worked efficiently doing research on the computers. As has been the case lately … or more than lately … the transitions and fourth period in general saw some lapses in efficiency. However, we made our way through the lesson just fine, and the quiz came off without a hitch.

Sixth and seventh period’s online research went well, and both classes were really into global warming. And finally, despite some wringing of hands and too many last-minute touch-ups, our grade-wide Gateway Presentation went well in the evening. Students presented their portfolios and explained their successes over the course of the year, and visitors – and us teachers – were generally pleased and impressed.

Apparently, if I keep telling myself we can finish with our best, we will actually finish with our best.

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