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Jun 07 2013

You Gotta Fight

Day 168: I know it’s nearly all over when, one day later, I can honestly remember NOTHING that happened in class yesterday. I can only assume that means neither anything bad nor anything particularly wonderful happened. Class itself was pretty average. I gritted my way through a pair of teacher-directed lessons, getting by on management more than engagement. It’s a shame, because the topic – symbiosis – is pretty darn cool, but on the other hand, based on the exit tickets, at least kids learned something.

I am proud to say I fought for my content. At the last minute, due to an imminent school-wide event, I almost lost second period. Had that happened, my kids wouldn’t have been exposed to global warming at all. While I likely lost points with my principal … you know, in the throes of an argument in the stairwell. But I was able to proudly tell my kids I wanted to teach them, because what we were learning was important and exciting, and they deserved it.

I’ve said it lots in these posts lately, but I’ll say it again. I will finish with my best.

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