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Jun 05 2013

Bucking the End-of-Year Slide

Day 167: Sometimes, it all just works. First period handles the decomposer lab – including leaving to go put soon-to-be decomposed bread in their lockers – without flipping out. Second period’s usual characters were all calm and focused.

Fourth period, aka my homeroom, aka my darlings, aka my devil-children, were all engaged and on their game. That one was a particularly nice win, as I’ve been trying to walk a fine line between holding them to high expectations while still allowing them to get excited and engaged. Students were getting into the lesson, but when I asked them to bring it back, they could, and fast.

I’ve been coaching myself over and over, finish the year strong, finish the year with my best. I do believe that can happen. Really. But it’s pretty nice when it actually happens.

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