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May 21 2013

When a Sick Day Isn’t Enough

Day 157: Well, 157 days into the school year, I finally took a sick day. It turns out that being out at receptions and dinners and family time for an entire graduation weekend – for my youngest brother, now a Skidmore College graduate! – and subsequently missing your regularly scheduled catch-up-on-rest time, combined with some head-inflating Spring allergies, is a pretty good recipe for a miserable time.

Once I slept in and took some decongestants, I started to feel better, and actually got a bunch of work done. I caught up on grading, replied to a bunch of e-mails, and nearly finished applying for my teacher’s license. And then, around 6, it hit me …

Despite being immensely productive, I had yet to write a lesson plan for the next day. In fact, I had no plan for the week. I didn’t actually finish applying for my license, nor did I even start the grad school final project that’s a week late now.

When you have a day to rest, recover and catch up, yet you are STILL miles behind, and you know your sinuses are going to hate you because you’re going to be up late this week playing more catch-up … Well, let’s just file that under “Ready For Summer Break.”

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