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May 20 2013

Ready For Routine

Day 155: Done with MCAS! If I were a Math or English teacher, I’d be excited because the finish line I’d been aiming toward all year had finally been crossed, and it would be time to do a project, or some sort of year-end activities.

However, I teach a non-tested subject. So, what am I excited about? The end of tests that seem to disrupt our schedule to no end.

The high-stakes test went until about 11. At that point, we went outside for recess. Then lunch, then homeroom time, then more recess. Then a dance party. Then dismissal.

I am all for celebrating success, particularly when success means doing well on a test that was the goal for months and months. Moreover, I understand the necessity – to some extent – of testing. However, the four hours of unstructured fun time underscored for me that the tests can also feel like a big ol’ disruption to our normal schedule. Sixth graders thrive on structure and routine. As I sat outside, with Spring allergies blowing my head up and clogging my sinuses, I couldn’t help but fear what life would be like when it came time to get back to work.

But hey, I also might have just been frustrated by my body’s war against pollen.

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