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May 13 2013

Remembering With a Smile

Day 150: Often, when I finally remember on Sunday that I haven’t written about Friday yet, I can only remember a blur of exhaustion and frustration and please let me finish this day and get to the bar as fast as I can. As usual, I don’t remember many details. However, the ones I do remember are pretty positive.

I remember JT in 6D’s surprise when I showed her that she got a 100 percent on the Ecology quiz. She asked, “Really?!?” before seeing the quiz for herself reassured her that I was not, in fact, lying. I remember. I remember JM pulling it together after failing to enter the classroom silently on Thursday and owing me recess Friday, entering perfectly and getting all of his work done with his partner.

I remember three loud and proud chants of “Work Hard, Get Smart.” I remember IC getting frustrated with me, having to go to the office but then apologizing by the end of the day. And I remember the quizzes taking less time than I’d thought they would, and being able to go outside a few minutes early for recess.

At this point in the year, we’re all oh so very ready for summer. It’s easy to fail to see the positive. So, I’m taking it as a very good sign that in looking back 48 hours, I can only remember events that, in remembering, make me smile.

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