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May 07 2013

Monday Focus?

Day 147: A wonderful thing happened on Monday. For months, my homeroom has been, let’s say, less than productive. We don’t have train wrecks, but we’re not exactly “moving with a mission.” This is due to a volatile mix of boys who can’t sit still, girls who are 12 going on 21, and a handful of well-meaning but academically low kids. We make our way through classes without earning any style points.

Monday is typically the hardest day, because I teach my homeroom after lunch. Kids after lunch any day are squirrely. Kids after lunch on Monday, having not had any semblance of structure all weekend, are actually insane.

And yet, there were my angels, entering the classroom quietly, putting away their things, and starting the Do Now. A few minutes later, they were silent as I began to explain the new unit. Aside from a brief blip from the peanut gallery – aka my boys who think everything ever merits a comment – as we watched “Blue Planet,” we got through the lesson pretty darn efficiently. In fact, we had more time left at the end to start homework than any other class had had.

The end of the year is when routines begin to atrophy and die. And yet, my band of crazy kids is somehow pulling it together as we enter the home stretch. All I can say is, I’ll take it.

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