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May 04 2013

In Which I More Than Survive Friday

Day 146: Something weird is going on. It’s Friday, and I don’t feel like my oatmeal has been replaced with gruel. I actually have the energy to write about Friday ON FRIDAY, as opposed to Sunday afternoon.

I have energy in part because I got to hand out a quiz during two of my five periods today. I am not sure non-teachers understand just how amazing it is to have an extended period of class time when students are completely silent and focused. Teaching can make you feel as if your job entails making an endless stream of presentations to the most squirrely audience on the planet. And then, for the 45 minutes of the quiz, you get to do NO talking. It’s kind of amazing.

However, I also have energy because it was a shockingly positive day. My second and sixth period classes clapped for each other during Trashketball. When it came time to yell “Work Hard, Get Smart” before the quiz, I think the house across the street heard us. Even the students whom I made practice silently lining up outside my classroom and then silently entering didn’t complain.

Not a bad way to end my week, methinks. I’m still wiped, and it’s only a matter of time before I prematurely faceplant into my bed. However, after a long week, it’s more than enough. Happy weekend to me!

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