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May 02 2013

Seeking a Shot of Joy

Day 144: Holy crap, it’s May!

I find myself staring at my computer screen tonight, in shock that I’m done planning at 11. There are two glaring errors in my thinking here. One, why is being done at 11 a good thing? Two, why am I staring at my computer screen, trying to figure out what inane video to watch on YouTube. Brain no worky, methinks.

Ongoing theme: Today was fine, if lifeless. At the end of 6A’s class, I asked who had nominations for tickets. No hands went up. Some part of that is likely their particular personality. But I’m guessing I’m not doing a ton to exude exuberance right now. I’m not sleepwalking through lessons or phoning it in. But a big part of my teaching is my goofy abandon … and I seem to be abandoning the abandon.

I’m giving myself some homework. I don’t like how I sound right now. Fortunately, given my particular flavor of crazy, the exhaustion won’t keep me from giving kids my best work. However, my assignment to myself is to find something fun to inject into class next week. It was funny for a moment yesterday to ask students if they wanted me to shave my head as a class points reward. I need to do some fun brainstorming, which will henceforth be referred to as fun-storming. Wish me luck!

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