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Apr 29 2013

Field Trip Fun

Day 141: Ladies and gentlemen, it’s field trip time. Specifically, Friday was our annual Opportunity Day, when classes go to visit various workplaces. I took my students to Google, where a friend of mine from college who works as a software engineer was set to host us.

The short version: It was awesome. My kids were a little grumbly at first, particularly since I forgot to let them know a fifth-grade group was going to Google as well (quote: Why do they have to be here?!?). However, by the time my kids got to see the game room, all was forgotten. Another group of my kids got to play with nerf guns in a stairwell. Following the tour, we got to play with Google Earth on Nexus tablets, with my friend showing me how to actually walk through the Grand Canyon (it’s as cool as it sounds).

Finally, of course, we all got lunch in the Google cafeteria. If you’ve ever heard anything about Google’s awesome cafeteria with free food for employees, it’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more. I had to stop my kids from filling up to-go containers as they left.

I made a very bad choice in letting my kids take sodas and other sugary drinks on the way out; getting back on the T was an exercise in chaos control. However, no one died, and we got back at that perfect time, when I could just say, “Alright, go home!” Field trip survived!

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