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Apr 26 2013

Relax Fail

Day 139: First week back from a break, and I’m already a full day behind on these posts? Yeesh. Not a great sign. At this point, I actually can’t really remember what happened Wednesday. My kids either made their kingdoms posters, or did a gallery walk to learn from other groups’ posters.

More memorable is the fact that I finally left work early-ish (read: 5:30), thought it was so nice out that I went outside to read in my backyard without wallet, keys or cell phone, leaving the door to my house unlocked so I could get back in. Except my roommate didn’t realize I was outside, and (in her defense, prudently) locked me out when she left the house. After 30 minutes of waiting, I looked around the block until I saw an open window in the apartment building next to mine, and yelled up at the young guy I saw to ask if he could help me. To his and his girlfriend’s credit, they not only let me in and let me use their computer and phone, they also fed me dinner.

Moral #1: People are pretty great sometimes.

Moral #2: Murphy’s Law dictates that the worst possible thing will always happen. I get home early-ish one day, then get locked out for three hours and have to stay up late planning.

In sum: Time for bed.

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