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Apr 12 2013

One Day More

Day 135: I know I’m well beyond broken-record status, but yet again, insane Thursday. The last-week version of me was a moron, and somehow agreed to letting student council sell pizza today. You know, Thursday. Then day when I have zero free time, and then zoom off to grad school.

The result: Recess and lunch, my only free periods, were spent collecting money from fourth graders who hadn’t bought pizza when they were supposed to, and then frantically calling upstairs to ask the secretary to order more pies.

Still, overall, not a bad day by any stretch of the imagination. 6A made it through the lab just fine, and while it took about 20 minutes to make IC start his work in the second block, it was a relatively painless 100 minutes. My new, let-it-slide approach to 6C was working just fine, as we moved with shocking efficiency through a half-baked introduction to the six kingdoms. 6B survived a chatty start to (mostly) focus on the box o ‘crap lab, and 6D survived mild shouting-out issues to get pretty into the introduction to classification.

I’m a big baseball fan, so now that it’s April, allow me to make a sports analogy. I feel like I’m on an extended road trip, and the flights and hotels are getting to me. I need a long rest in my own bed. I’m not going 0-for-4 with four strikeouts and getting hot dogs and beers thrown at me. In fact, I’m actually in a little bit of a groove. However, if I’m normally capable of batting .300 with a home run every 15 at bats, I’m currently batting .280 and it’s been a few games since I hit one out of the park. I’ve needed a night on the bench for a while, but we’ve got no backup infielders, so it’ll have to wait.

Translation: Things feel OK, but they could probably feel better, and that will likely happen once I get some rest. In related news, just one more day until break …

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