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Apr 09 2013

Failing at Grading

Day 132: Ever-so-slightly stressful start to the week. In my mind, I’d asked for an extra day to finish my grades, since the health fair had set me back a little bit. I’m pretty sure this happened, although given how delirious I was by the end of last week, I might have been asking if dinosaurs could make me pancakes. In any event, it turned out that, no, I could not have the extra day.

At 11 am, when this became apparent, a few things hit me simultaneously. One, I had only written comments for two classes. Two, I had an entire stack of tests left to grade. Three, I still had 10 names left on my “chase down and force to do work” list.

And thus began Operation “Insane Grading Monday.”

I got coverage for recess and lunch, plus the second half of sixth period. I sat for about three hours next to the school’s receptionist / secretary / everything, who was even more stressed than me, because it was her life I was making more difficult by being late and slow. Within a hour or so, I was worked up enough to essentially bite the head off any student who came within 50 feet. Of course, this meant I got every silly and unimportant student question of life directed at me.

When is the student council pizza sale?

Can’t I work in the library?

Do you have the dollar you owe me?

What’s for lunch today?

Can’t I pleeeaaasssee work in the library?

I finished at 2:50 pm. This meant I had about 10 minutes to decompress before afternoon homeroom and homework lab, from which I went to my grad school class. I didn’t do the homework for that class due to my grades crunch, meaning I’m behind. And since I managed to be as inefficient as possible during the NCAA men’s basketball championship – dammit, Louisville – I just finished planning. Second-straight night of sub-five hours of sleep, all mine.

In related news, four days to break. Just keep swimming …


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