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Apr 07 2013

Sometimes, You Deserve a Break

Day 131: So, what happens the day after a huge project ends, when the kids have been working super hard and you need a break?

Well, each class began something like this: “We’ve been working really hard on the health fair for weeks. And it went really, really well. So, we’re not going to start our new unit today. Instead, we’re going to do a short activity where we get to move around, and then watch a movie. During the movie, you can get your homework done, or you can just watch the movie. Enjoy!”

I sat back during the movie and half-graded papers, half-spaced out, with occasional directions for the student running the video to pause it so I could make comments about how sperm cells move using flagella.

High-rigor? Hell no. Did we all deserve the break? Umm … YES.

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