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Mar 29 2013

Project Power

Day 125: So, how do you get through a full day of teaching with no prep periods? Answer: A project!

This hit me in the middle of second period. About 75 percent of the class was plugging away on laptops, typing out final drafts for their health fair projects. I had to do a lot of circulating, but there were a good handful of moments when I could sit back and watch kids getting a TON of stuff done. With five minutes left in the 100-minute class, SG looked up and said, “Wow, those two periods flew by.” WIN.

Even 6C stayed pretty much on task. They took some more active management, especially at the start of class, but nothing too bad. Most groups nearly finished final drafts.

I still wish I’d had this whole thing planned earlier, so that I could have just given kids one packet. It was obnoxious as all hell to run around with a stapler trying to get everyone’s papers organized. And I still need to make fliers and let parents know the health fair is Thursday.

Beyond that, I have few concerns. Today went well. Kids are into it. I’m excited to see what tomorrow, next week and the health fair bring!

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