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Mar 26 2013

Non-Productive Worrying

Day 122: I have been reading a webcomic since 2003 called Questionable Content. Two of its characters, Hannelore and Marten, had an exchange in the closing panel of a strip several years ago that I’ve been thinking about all evening.

Hannelore: I’m sorry, it just makes me so upset! I could’ve gotten some really productive worrying done today but I wasted it all.

Marten: There there, tomorrow’s another day. I’m sure you can get caught up on your regular anxieties then.

Today was definitely a day for non-productive worrying. In what feels like the winter of big decisions, I had to deal with another one this weekend, and the thinking and ruminating bled over into today. Plus, I didn’t sleep well while thinking about the issue, so I had the distinct pleasure of starting my week with limited sleep. Oh, and I couldn’t use my classroom, because fourth graders were taking the MCAS across the hall. On the plus side, I can’t eat bread this week.

Here’s to some sleep, and a better mental place tomorrow.

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