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Mar 24 2013

More Proctoring!

Day 121: More MCAS! You always think you’re going to get a ton of work done while proctoring standardized tests, and then it never really happens. You start working, and then you have to escort a student to the bathroom. You start working again, and then you have to hand someone a pencil sharpener. You try one more time, but the boy in the back is being awfully squirrely, so you take him for a movement break.

Bottom line, I didn’t get a ton done. I graded some tests, and answered some e-mails. Students finished the test by about 11:30 and then we had to keep them silent because others around the school were still working, which made for a really irritating management experience. By 1:30, the kids got to go downstairs for a dance party, and I finally got a half hour to relax by myself and eat lunch.

On the plus side, the kids were pretty well behaved during the test. But I’m ready to resume our regularly scheduled programming come Monday.

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