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Mar 21 2013

My 11-Year-Old Leaders

Day 119: Snow days are tough to return from strong. Kids seem to forget structure and routines. Now add the fact that it’s a half day … and an afternoon schedule so my homeroom misses gym … and the fact that we’re starting with an advisory lesson with loads of role plays that can get kids silly …

Well, let’s just say 6C has seen better starts.

Fortunately, school is more than just first period. 6A and 6B began their health fair projects today. And despite the fact I combined two classes into one because of the snow day, all went well. I found the right students to check in with before class, so no one griped about their groups. Students responded with gravity and earnestness when I let them know this was their opportunity to be true leaders and help others with their knowledge. Despite a less-than-robust group work protocol, every group made their way through their reading on their organ system and tackled the graphic organizer … even if no two groups accomplished this the same way.

The ticket-to-go was pretty simple: Why is it important to put on a health fair? Student after student brought a smile to face. “We have to help Somerville be healthy.” “Others might not know how to protect themselves.” “We need to act as leaders in our community and educate others.” “If we do a good job, we can save lives.”

Kids really getting that their knowledge can allow them to act as leaders and help others? That’s about as much as I can ask for any day, let alone a weird, post-snow day half day.

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