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Mar 15 2013

Not Bad For A Thursday

Day 116: Some days, you get lucky. Thursdays are typically painful and long. But 6A was chill through a block and a half of Trashketball, then calmly worked on the review packet. 6C was a little antsy during their test, but hell, “a little antsy” is better than most days. And then came 6B and 6D, who clap for each other during Trashketball, and are generally the cutest 6th graders on the planet.

Along the way, some truly excellent moments. At lunch, HG shoved an iPod headphone at me, so I could hear Taylor Swift’s 22 while she showed me the new music video. When I told 6B I wouldn’t be in school tomorrow because of the funeral, at least half the class gaped and moaned in (what sounded like) legitimate despair.

Even student council went well. Normally it feels like I’m running around trying to make sure the boys aren’t just talking over everyone. All three committees got their work done, and AM kicked butt in the community service committee. Yes, that AM, who I’m tentatively allowing to try StuCo on a trial run. Except it might not be a trial run, because everyone – including me – appreciates her leadership and intelligence.

Plus, the positive vibes are bleeding over into class. AM worked hard on her unit test, did all the extra credit, and then gave me some seriously impressive work on her ORQ.

As usual, I’m wiped. When you get back from grad school at 9:45 thanks to some construction on Memorial Drive, and then try to decompress with some Ruzzle (Boggle on your phone, I highly recommend it), it gets to be 11 pm pretty quickly. But there are worse ways to get through a Thursday.

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