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Mar 01 2013

I Think I’m Doing Alright

Day 106: Another Thursday survived! This one saw a couple of challenges. My homeroom partner was out a second afternoon in a row sick, which meant I had to try to manage the insanity of afternoon homeroom by my lonesome. And instead of the ever-popular reading-response routing before my grad school course, I had to write a paper … Mostly during the student council meeting I was ostensibly running after school. Oops.

But you know what? I simulated the digestive system three times, and had kids freaking out when I squeezed oatmeal out of pantyhose. None of the three classes went crazy during the lab. The 6C work-to-quiz transition on Thursday still isn’t pretty, but it was better than last week’s, and AM participated for the second-straight day. Plus, it was nearly 50 degrees today.

All told, I think I’m doing alright.

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