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Feb 27 2013

Let It Go

Day 104: I wish I could re-wire my brain.

I taught three classes today. None went poorly. All, in fact, went anywhere from just fine to pretty good. 6A nailed the muscular system lesson. 6D was a little antsy, per usual these days, but some whom I needed to have better days really pulled it together. JM continued to shout out, but I may have found a cure. He sat with me for five minutes of recess, just raising his hand. I hope that doesn’t sound too punitive; for the record mom and I came up with the plan together. I think he managed to find it both hilarious and not want to do it again. So, for now, win.

And yet, my lasting memory is of AC in 6C. My morning message was about the World Trade Center bombing in 1993. Heavy stuff. Meaningful stuff. And yet AC’s comment was, “Why do we have to learn about this?”

Like I said, a solid day. And yet, I have so far to go in my quest for balance. That means finding time for me outside work. It also means learning to let it slide that a 12-year-old girl gives attitude, or that my homeroom ain’t exactly a ball of joy. For my own sanity, I need to accept “good enough” sometimes … Especially since my “good enough” is rarely bad.

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