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Feb 26 2013

Thankful For Limited Rust

Day 103: Back to school. At first, it didn’t exactly feel wonderful. When I went outside to pick up my kids, most weren’t in line. When I politely indicated the time had come to get in line, I was greeted with eye rolls and whining. Morning Meeting was filled with side-talking and a near-inability to rein it in.

And yet, the day was fine. 6D had its share of squirrely behavior, but nothing un-manageable. For the most part, they plowed through the reading on the muscular system with no incident. I even got some validation that my “scare the shit out of you” gear works. At one point, I went up to JVM and firmly said, with my best glare, “If you laugh one more time while I’m talking, you will leave my classroom.” No more laughing. Win.

Even 6C kept it together. I was worried; they’d been off enough in Math that half the class had stayed after and missed the beginning of recess. And granted, it helped that best-buddy-o-mine AM was in the office. Still, 50 minutes of focus. Even EC, who came in late and furious with me for sending her to the principal, recovered and made sure the class was with it enough to clap, track and earn time in the time bank.

Nothing profound here, really. Just nice to know coming back from break doesn’t have to hurt like hell.

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