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Feb 15 2013

A Solid 100th Day

Day 100: Busy week, so this post is a day late. Which is unfortunate, because Wednesday was a solid day.

I reined in 6C with quickly-paced stations, keeping them on task and on their toes. 6B LOVED the boat races, probably more than any other class. And despite me reading 6A the riot act for being late from art (again), they still nailed the skeletal system stations.

Plus, I actually had the next day’s lesson planned and printed by 4 pm! This allowed me to have a thrilling night of research for my grad school presentation on Plato and Aristotle. Which took me until 3 am to finish. Hence the day-late post.

But I’ll focus on the positive. A solid day, and a happy Day #100 to me!

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