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Feb 10 2013

A Reminder For Next Time, When Snow Won’t Save Me

Day 98: I’m finding this year that I rarely, if ever, have train wreck days. That’s good. However, I do have tiring, not-what-I-had-in-mind days. Days when it turns out the introduction to the new unit and cleaning out binders doesn’t quite fill the time. Days when the kids protest the pre-quiz, and are generally a little loud. Days when the activity that I thought would hook kids into the new unit does just that, but at the cost of screaming across the classroom, “Who has Number 14?!?”

Of course, the days that fall short of expectations are hard to separate from the days when I personally am not at my best. I’m not at my best with no sleep. I’m not at my best when I let the stress of imminent grad school get to me, and the fact that I haven’t done my homework. I’m not at my best when I can’t think about now because I’m busy thinking about preparing for a CMA interview and the entire day I’ll spend at an ACC and getting my car in for 33,750-mile service and oh yeah making time to cook, see a friend for dinner and have a date.

This weekend, nature intervened, and dropped 24 inches of snow on my schedule. Friday was devoted to sleep. Saturday was about unit planning and the CMA interview, plus I got Monday’s lesson done. I am currently steeling myself to work on grad school homework. I honestly have zero clue how any of this would have been accomplished had I not had a snow day Friday. I suppose I would have limped toward February break, and ultimately made it, but probably wouldn’t have had a wonderful time getting there.

The lesson is this. Sometimes, I get lucky. Most of the time, I need to work on having little enough on my plate to accomplish everything and still have time to sleep, and maybe even do something crazy to finish Team of Rivals (15 pages to go). For now, let’s get done with the work, relax, and finish out strong before I get a break.

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