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Jan 25 2013

Long Day, Still Standing

Day 88: LONG day. In fact, I should write that as LOOOOOONG day.

I was silly enough to think giving midterms would be effortless. It was for the first class. But during the second class, I had to deal with sending students out for accommodations, taking a couple back eventually, answering questions every two minutes or so, and talking at least three students off the ledge so they would actually take the test and not feel overwhelmed.

Given the 15-degree weather, we had indoor recess, and I left my kids alone with Mr. A so I could let some students finish the midterm. Five minutes later, three teachers had to tell me my kids were going crazy, and EC managed to nearly break her ankle in the hallway. Lunch was taken over by breaking up a shouting match between two girls, one of whom called the other’s hair nappy.

On to 6th and 7th periods, which went largely OK, except a) trashketball, while an effective review, is anything but relaxing to manage, and b) SB got mad about having to finish a project (that was a month late) and proceeded to angrily do no work until I had her go across the hall and sit in a fourth grade classroom.

8th period, I ran the “Green Team,” which means vaguely trying to supervise 10 students running around the building looking for bottles to recycle. After school, I had to run student council, but not before both EC and IC flipped out about not getting their midterms to finish the instant they asked me. When student council ended, I helped IC finish his test. Finally, I drove to grad school, finished my homework in the car, and sat through three hours of class … with the heat broken. My toes nearly froze.

So, here’s the score: I left my house at 6:45 am this morning. I returned at 10 pm. Unshockingly, I am tired. It’s nearly 12:30, and I need sleep. HOWEVER … the midterms look good so far, everyone appeared to try their hardest, 6C woke up from their usual doldrums for the loudest “Work Hard, Get Smart” cheer I’ve heard all year, 6B and 6D effectively reviewed for tomorrow’s test, JT earned a persistence ticket, SB reflected on her meltdown, IC got through a midterm in one day (as opposed to the week it took him last year), and of course, tomorrow is Friday. I will happily take all of that, thank you.

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