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Jan 23 2013

Long Weekend, Tricky Return

Day 86: Things never feel quite right after a long weekend. It’s not a normal weekend, so neither my kids nor I are quite prepared for Tuesday being the first day of the week. And it’s not a full vacation, after which both my kids and I know to brace ourselves for some returning pains. It’s in the middle, and thus a little hard to deal with.

That’s the intellectual truth. The visceral truth is that I felt like a chicken with my head cut off today. I had to deal with three different lessons, re-schedule a dentist appointment, figure out grad school courses, plan my afterschool session, and maybe find time to eat. Plus I was bright enough to plan Trashketball for the after a break. There were a few moments of sheer nuttiness.

There was also a moment of total and complete frustration. I asked AC, trying to be nice, how her weekend was. She replied that I promised not to ask about her personal life. I later kindly reminded her that she promised to return my effort to fix our relationship. She didn’t seem to care. I can’t explain fully why this bothered me so much. I have less need than before to be loved by all, but it still sucks to have someone be that intent on shutting me out and generally being too cool.

Fortunately, there were also moments of pretty-damn-awesome. SE wrote at the back of her cell picture book, “This book is dedicated to my Science teacher, Mr. Adler, and to all those scientist (sic) with big imaginations.” After school, GM showed me a sheet of ripped up paper, dangled it up and down, and asked, “What am I? What am I?!?” Once I gave up, he informed me he was cilia. Kids say the dardnest things.

I’ll call the day a win. A bit more hectic than usual? Sure. At least one gut-wrenching moment? Check. But a handful of moments when I couldn’t be happier to be surrounded by insane 11-year-olds? Yeah, I’ve got that, too.

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