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Jan 22 2013

Quarterbacking the Classroom

Day 85: This is why I shouldn’t wait until Monday to write about Friday. I honestly can’t remember much, if anything, from Friday. I proctored the ever-thrilling ANet test. I gave 6A “Human Bingo,” leading them to madly scramble about the room finding partners to answer questions with. And 6D by and large made their way through the review packet, even if it seemed I couldn’t pay JPV to finish a page in under 30 minutes.

Given the absence of anything particularly memorable, I’m going to take the opportunity to connect teaching to the football I spent most of Sunday watching (an aside: suck it Tom Brady). I think good teachers have to be a lot like good quarterbacks. Good quarterbacks will still throw interceptions. Peyton Manning has thrown 209 of them.

What distinguishes many good quarterbacks from mediocre quarterbacks is the ability to bounce back. Good quarterbacks have a short memory. They understand that shit happens, and it’s their job to forget it, get their heads back in the game, and go for a touchdown the next time out.

So, I’m going to call it a good thing that I can’t remember much from Friday. That means I have no zany stories, but it also means I have nothing to ruminate upon. I taught, I went out and had a couple of beers, then slept 12 hours. I ran five miles, went on a date, I visited friends, and got to the gym. And now I write this blissfully ignorant of recent past in the classroom, fully ready to throw some touchdowns tomorrow.

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