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Jan 11 2013

The Not-Too-Bad Days

Day 79: I’m going to try to stick to my New Year’s resolution of positivity. Especially since I could use some late on a Thursday, when I’m feeling out of gas and ready for Friday at 5 pm.

Thursday can really suck. Today was pretty typical. By fourth period, papers are strewn about, and I know I don’t have time to clean. I won’t have time to eat, either.

More importantly, though, all of my classes went a little nuts today. I’m guessing having Wednesday off – during which I was in thrilling PD, of course – played a role. IC had his first off day in a while during 6A, and I had to send BB out. 6B featured some chattiness, and MS shut down on me for asking him to move his seat. Even 6D was messy.

And then there was 6C. My beloved homeroom. They couldn’t enter silently to save their lives, and the Do Now didn’t get silent for more than 30 straight seconds. At some point, I had to say I was taking recess if people couldn’t stop talking. Shortly after, I said they were going to take a quiz, and that I was going to wait for silence, even if that meant going through recess. It is a very nice coincidence that I nearly always teach 6C before recess.

Yet, despite all of this, the day could easily be described as “fine.” BB came back and got her work done second block. 6B loved the dances; I wish I’d taped GC doing his pseudopod shuffle. Even 6C got their work done. It was messy at first … and if I’m being honest, messy in the middle as well. But we got through everything, and the quizzes they took were pretty damn good.

Having Mr. A in class gives me more reason than usual to reflect on how the day went. After 6C’s double block, we went outside, I smiled and said, “Well, that’s pretty much how I deal with things not going perfectly.” And I meant it. Even on not-so-great days, I can take pleasure in knowing a lot more gets done than on the not-so-great days last year, and I’m equipped with the management ability and patience to get classes back where I want them.

So, here’s to the bad days being way less bad, and to finishing long days with my sanity intact.

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