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Jan 10 2013

Feeling Competent

Day 78: I noticed it again! Mr. A’s first full day in my classroom, and it felt like I was just showing him the ropes at any old job. And the more I did that, the more competent I felt. I don’t mean for that to sound like a low bar. I felt like I had meaningful advice and perspective to share, and that I spoke from a “this is how it’s done place,” rather than a “this is what I struggle with” place, or a “I’m still getting the hang of this place.”

I found myself wondering often what he was feeling. How did it feel to engage with kids, and push them to do higher-order thinking? How did it feel to coach SB to a perfect re-take of a quiz afterschool? Mr. A played an integral role in managing a crush of afterschool re-take seekers, and helped a couple of my toughest cases to vastly higher scores. Did he get the same rush from that that I do?

Maybe I’ll start asking him these questions more directly. For now, though, it feels fun to share.

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