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Jan 03 2013

Annnd, We’re Back!

Day 74: Happy New Year! Except … only sorta. I’ve been dreading today for a while, and not just because it’s the first day back from break. Last year’s first day after winter break was a day that lives in infamy. Teachers moved to different homerooms to teach each one, to limit student movement the first day back. I was at the front of 6D’s homeroom, trying to do a reset … except no one would shut up. I must have taken 10 kids’ recesses that day, and distinctly remember feeling as if I was about to cry.

Fortunately, this is a new year. It definitely wasn’t the smoothest day of all time; more than a few kids were antsy, or flat-out unhappy to be there. But I taught three classes, and all three nailed procedures, were (relatively) focused on a gallery walk, did a silent ticket-to-go, and left. Save for one obnoxious comment and one minor blow-up last period, everything was smooth sailing.

I’ll give today a B+. Way better day than anticipated, plus I actually got to the gym for the first time since July. On the minus side, I’m still up at 11:30, and I backed into a car on the way home from the gym.

I think this is the right time to share one of my resolutions this year. May 2013 be the year I learn to shake it off a little better than I have in the past, and balance my ambition and perfectionist ways with the immediate reality of the need to take care of myself. Definitely not a new resolution, but an important one, and one I’m still trying to master.

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