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Dec 07 2012

Half-Healed Throat, Half-Baked Day

Day 62: The only salient theme of the day was my half-healed throat issue. By halfway through first period, I was already failing to project my voice to the back of the room. I delegated my silent signal to a series of students – “if you can hear my voice, clap once” – which, unsurprisingly, they happily and excitedly took ownership of.

It is, as it turns out, a really crummy feeling to have just taken a day off, and yet still feel less than 100 percent. I wanted to tell myself, “You should be better!” but this seemed useless when I was coughing and sucking down cough drops all day.

Fortunately, the day was largely uneventful. My only real downer came at the end of the day, when I saw my kids’ reflections on their weeks. No one mentioned the “Write a Letter to the Bike Store” project we’d been working on all week. In fact, my homeroom partner rubbed this in my face with an unsubtle, “I win this week!”

I can rationalize this away with the facts that a) having been sick on Wednesday, what we did in Science was absent from the weekly reflection sheet, and b) let’s be real, writing a letter over five days isn’t exactly thrilling. Still, at the end of a long day of teaching with the scratchy throat from hell, it doesn’t take a ton to bring you down. I’m just glad it’s almost Friday.

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