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Dec 05 2012

Sick Day #1

Day 61: Today was my first sick day of the year. The “sore throat” that had evolved into “throat feels like it’s being jabbed with needles when I speak or swallow” made it pretty much impossible to speak this morning. I went to school and got through first period, but when the nurse told me my throat looked “funky,” I knew I needed to get to the doctor.

I wasn’t excited to leave. I HATE being sick, and I hate sick days. My kids were editing their letters today, and I was irrationally excited to see how the revised peer editing protocol was going to work. I was skeptical a sub could manage the protocol, and more skeptical that a sub would figure out who was where – who had their drafts, who was behind, who needed to be sent to a buddy room to work in peace. I was ultimately swayed to go by the knowledge that Thursday is my non-stop day, and if I was going to be out, better Wednesday than Thursday.

The good news is that I don’t have strep. Once I was done with the doctor, I went home to gargle salt water and take my antibiotics in peace. I didn’t feel wonderful, but I felt better. I put my shoes back on, half ready to go back to school, when I thought a second opinion might be helpful.

“Stay home. Read. Don’t go back to school, you idiot – you’re sick.” –Dad

Maybe a third opinion? “Stay home! You are only going to make yourself worse. Drink soup.” -Mom

They were, of course, right. About five minutes later, I passed out for three hours. Now, 42 glasses of water, 27 throat lozenges and a bowl of reduced-sodium minestrone later, I feel sort of like a real person again. I’ll be back tomorrow, ready to preside over Trashketball and (hopefully) classes full of students ready for final drafts.

It’s funny how even now, knowing how much better I feel because of the time at home, I still wish I’d been at school. It’s boring at home. And maybe I miss my kids, even if I’m gone just a day.

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