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Nov 19 2012

Tired, With a Pit Stop in Sight

Day 50: There are days that are good, there are days that are bad, and then there are days that just sort of aren’t pretty. Friday wasn’t pretty.

Nothing in particular went wrong. I kicked JR out of second period for the third time that week, but that was the only major hiccup. Other than that, it was just one of those days where you feel a break looming. I was tired. My kids were tired. The lesson plan wasn’t ideal, and everyone knew it. I didn’t have the wherewithal to fix some of the obvious problems with the instruction. I couldn’t find all of my print-outs in the middle of class. My kids looked like they were melting into the desks, and no amount of SLANTing was going to change that for any appreciable length of time.

Put simply, no one brought their A game.

When I was a kid, my dad used to tell me a marathon was 26 miles and 385 yards, and you can’t stop running the race after 26 miles – you’re so close! This is one of my favorite analogies, and I almost used it to begin this post, until I realized it was Day 50, and not day 170.

Still, it’s been a busy fall. I’ve worked hard, and I’m seeing good results in my classroom. I feel like I’m on Mile 26, even if it’s more like Mile 8. In any event, Thanksgiving is coming at the right time.

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