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Nov 13 2012

Pre-Week Pep Talk

Day 46: Friday was not a bad day. In fact, Friday was a very good day. Three classes came in, made topographic maps by tracing the layers of a blue Styrofoam hill, worked on their lab reports, and left. Some mild insanity from J in 6B, but hey, I’ll take mild insanity on a Friday. Kids like labs because they’re hands-on. I like labs because they’re hands-off. At one point, I turned to the ELL teacher who pushes in to my sixth and seventh period class and said, “I’m glad they’re into this, because I have nothing right now.”

Speaking of which, when I look back on Friday, I don’t remember many details. And I won’t. What I will remember is the fact that my friends were meeting up at 9 pm, and despite setting an alarm clock, I managed to sleep through it. I woke up with the lights on and in all my clothes at 12:30 am. At that point, I was too tired and lazy to change. I turned the lights off and conked out. When I finally woke up at 10:30 am, I’d been sleeping 14 hours.

Now, I’ve done that before. Normally, it’s just funny. The thing that made this one sting a little was knowing I’d missed a shot to see my friends. I had a good long weekend. I played some video games. I watched my Jets get crushed. I went for a run in balmy 68-degree weather. I finished my book. I went on a good date. And yet, reflecting on my three-day weekend, I feel like I didn’t see a familiar, comforting face. Thinking about it now, not to sound overly melodramatic, but I feel a little lonely.

Today, for the first time all year, I felt legitimately stressed on Sunday. I’m looking at a week of post-school meetings that run until at least 8 pm. This hit me a little too late to proactively plan for. It will be a fight to Thanksgiving.

As always, I end this long weekend wishing I had just one more day. But since I don’t, allow me a moment to find a silver lining. Tomorrow, I’m trying to teach literacy for the first time this year. Wednesday, I have an ice cream date. Friday, I see my best friends from college. And a week from Wednesday, I’m home with my family.

On the phone tonight, my mom said, “Take it one day at a time.” I am fortunate to be having a good year, I am fortunate to love my kids and my job, and I am fortunate to have a family I am very much looking forward to seeing. I’ve got this.

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