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Nov 13 2012

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Day 45: This is the difference between teaching and other jobs. In other jobs, on your long and frustrating day, you can hide from the world in a conference room for an hour. You can put on headphones and tune out. You can take an extra day (or two) to reply to an e-mail.

My Thursdays are insane. I have no off periods, and I recently had the bright idea to schedule student council meetings for Thursdays as well. My reaction? Well, I taught four classes wearing a bike helmet. If this seems odd, please try to consider that it seemed only logical while sharing the true story of my failed attempt to bike to school on my first day of work.

And why, do you ask, is this relevant? Well, if my students are going to remember why topographic maps are important, maybe, just maybe, they will remember that bike helmet, and remember that their silly Science teacher forgot to think about the hills between his class and school, leading to frustration, weariness and loads upon loads of sweat.

When teachers face adversity, there is nowhere to hide, nowhere to take a break. There is no sitting on the sidelines after your interception while the defense takes its turn, no opportunity to sit back once your part of the presentation is done. You are on, always.

If I sound like I’m on a high horse, I apologize. But this is something I know I did not know before my life with a Mr. before my name, and it is a large part of why I will always respect teachers. I hope that anyone who learns this about teaching would feel the same way.

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