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Nov 07 2012

Braving the Dark

Day 42: My one-post-a-day plan is being sorely tested. Usually, if I miss a post, it is a Thursday. That one is reasonable; I get home from grad school at 10 pm and feel sort of like sentient jello. Today, however, marks my first missed Monday. So, two posts tonight. You know it’s November when …

In all seriousness, though, we have quite literally entered the dark days. I honestly cannot remember much about yesterday’s school day. I presume it was fine. AM, whom I wrote about earlier, still gave me grief, and earned a trip to the office and a silent Tuesday recess. My second period class was great … which was convenient, because I had to videotape that lesson. Solid, regular day.

What I remember most is what happened after school. I had a long meeting about how to support a struggling student that, to put it mildly, was stress-inducing, thanks to some inter-staff disagreements. I honestly don’t need to reflect much on this meeting, except to say I was proud of my team and myself for holding our ground and not being intimidated or bossed around.

By the time this meeting was over, it was 5 pm, and it was pitch black outside. I was also not close to finishing my work; I still had to create the year’s first “Wall of Scientific Achivement” for excellence on unit tests. I managed to put off the darkness for a while with the distraction of my friend the English teacher and cutting and pasting signs, but eventually, I left to face the reality that it was only 6, and yet pitch black and freezing.

The dark is one of those things that both doesn’t matter, and yet matters. The fact that it gets darker earlier should have zero effect on my teaching. That is, so long as I don’t manage to convince myself diminishing daylight leads to diminishing sanity. We’ll see, I suppose. I’m hopeful I’ll keep my head on straight.

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