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Nov 01 2012

Unexpected Wins

Day 39: It’s late, and I’m tired, so I’ll keep this short. Getting lucky looks like this. IC, a frequent flier in these pages, shows up to class a hot mess. I ask him to step outside after he comes in talking. He goes to the end of the hall and doesn’t come back. He finally comes in, but so mad he refuses to do work. I offer him the choice to either work or leave. He “works” by scribbling effortlessly on the Do Now. I call the office, and he’s gone.

Five minutes later, he’s back, and I’m skeptical, but the building sub assures me he’s ready. And when IC offers to play the review game with M, a challenging student whom I know IC isn’t fond of, I know something good is going down. IC proceeds to spend the whole class leading his team, plus the rest of his class (which got a little loud and off-task at times). At one point, IC told a student who was shooting out of turn, “Man, sit before you get in trouble. He will give you detention, even though there is none anymore.”

IC then came afterschool to retake a quiz. He’s at a 64, inches from passing. If he gives me one piece of work tomorrow, he’ll be there.

So, here’s to unexpected wins.

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