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Oct 29 2012

The Scratchy-Throat Blues

Day 37: Well, it finally happened. I woke up with a sore throat. That’s what happens when you aren’t really sleeping. On the plus side, three of my classes had quizzes. On the minus side, managing a lab with water and pennies with a sore throat is no fun at all.

This post is already a couple days late, so I’ll keep this short. I MUST take care of myself. One of myriad ways I was wrong last year is when I told myself I had to power through any illness, that my kids depended on me, that any day missed was going to seriously disrupt their chances of succeeding in life. False. All I was doing was giving them an ineffective, tired and grumpy teacher.

The universe is giving me a hurricane day off of work today. I’m going to take the hint and get some rest.

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