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Oct 06 2012

The Longest Day

Day 23: I need a better plan for writing something about Thursdays, seeing as this is two days late.

I’ve been told that, legally speaking, you must have at least one period off every day. This makes my Thursdays certifiably criminal. I begin with two straight double-classes, 100 minutes each. I get lunch and recess off, but usually I’m using that time to let kids make up quizzes. After lunch are two normal classes, and then “Family Meeting,” which is homeroom time. I don’t need a lesson plan for that, but I do need a plan; my homeroom does not deal calmly with unstructured time.

Thursday after school I have more kids come to re-take quizzes, plus ask for homework help or ask me if they can help me with anything. Which, ironically, is often more stressful than helpful, because I need to find something for them to do and then explain how to do it.

Typically, the last student leaves around 4:30, giving me 30 minutes to pack up and do any organizing of my room that I need to get done before I head to my grad school class. That wraps up at 9 pm, and I’m home by about 9:45 – roughly 13 hours and change since I left in the morning. Finally, I’ll sit down to “plan.” I say “plan” because after that kind of a day, “planning” doesn’t really look like planning. This past Thursday, “planning” meant “falling asleep while trying to type at midnight, fingers poised over keyboard as if they had some vague plan for being useful, which my brain promptly laughed at.”

No wonder I slept from 10 pm to 11 am today …

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