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Sep 11 2012

The Bar Has Been Raised

Day 5: Well, I suppose today is what happens when your bar has been raised. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING bad happened in class. I had two perfect Do Nows. No one called out. Everyone was on task.

Unfortunately, we didn’t so much get to the task. The goal was to make posters explaining why it’s important to study Science. But this year, I wanted to make sure my kids were reflecting on what it looked like to respect others in a group. And I wanted to explicitly teach the group-work jobs that I want to make permanent. And I wanted my kids to practice reading written directions. And then I needed to teach the kids how I’ll have them make table groups of four desks.

And then, lo and behold, the bell rang. Oops.

I was a little bummed; we didn’t really get anything done today. However, I’m going to try my best to remember that I’ve had times where a completely on-task, silent group would have been more than enough. As I said, the bar has been raised.

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