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Sep 07 2012

Day 3: Off With a Bang


This is not going to sound substantially different from what I wrote Day 1, but now that I’ve seen all of my kids, it bears repeating. Somehow, magically, I have become the teacher. Today, I had four classes walk into my room, and four classes showed me near-perfect behavior. Everyone was silent, everyone did their work. My potential challenges all turned out to be leaders and avid participators. And, despite the fact I spent nearly three-quarters of each class talking about rules, it seemed like most kids walked out thinking they’d just been to Disney World. One student left and said to me, “That was the best Science class ever!” Which is funny, since the last “start the year with a bang” paint can explosion was the worst. After school, I found some of the potential challenges and told them just how impressive they had been as leaders. Then I called home to tell their parents. Happiness all around! Again, I’m never going to be a “don’t smile until December” kind of guy. But today made me think I can happily and successfully live in that space between goofy Mr. Adler – the guy who called on people by saying, “Jaden, hit me” and told his kids they would “dominate” – and means-business Mr. Adler – the guy who waited patiently for a perfect line in the cafeteria.

And now, several hours too late, bedtime.

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