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Sep 06 2012

Day 2: Already?!?

I could write about how today was great. It was, and I don’t want to diminish that. But first, let the record show that this is being written at 12:49 am. On the 2nd night of school.

I just finished my double-period plan for tomorrow. And “finished” is a flexible term. I still need to print and make seating charts. For four classes. In 5 hours.

In the spirit of thinking positively, I know why I’m here. These plans are approximately 4,398 times better than last year’s at this time. I am building in the procedures my kids need to have a successful and efficient year. I am being explicit in what needs to be taught week one. I am building a foundation of positive culture that will carry through the tough months.

That said … I did something wrong if I’m up at nearly 1 am EVER, let alone the first week of school.

I’ll go to bed thinking positively about Turn Your Back. The kids got so into it, and really shared some things they weren’t proud of, plus some goals they are excited to live this year. These are great kids, and we’re going to do some great things together this year. So while I shouldn’t be up this late, at least I know it’s for some kids who deserve it.

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